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We are inspired by human ingenuity and what heads, hands and hearts can create.

We are inspired by human ingenuity and what heads, hands and hearts can create.

In 2004, Mary Jo Fasan launched Jo Chicago with a key mission in mind: to build a communications firm that celebrates human ingenuity – our ability to influence and improve how we live and express who we are culturally, socially and individually.

Since then, Jo Chicago has become known for offering its clients the communications expertise, industry context, strategic insight and genuine curiosity required to shape and share stories that make an impact.

Highly specialized in all aspects of communications for design and lifestyle – from architecture to the arts, dining to design, hospitality to wellness – Jo Chicago is a team of knowledgeable and passionate individuals who tirelessly navigate an ever-evolving environment of changing trends and shifting demands to deliver meaningful outcomes for its clients.

Aligning with businesses at a foundational level, the firm leverages information to effectively deliver brand messaging among diverse and wide-reaching audiences. A collaborative, results-driven partner, Jo Chicago helps businesses develop brand advocates, connect with and inspire audiences and achieve organizational goals.

The firm’s core principles of rich storytelling and authentic engagement, supported by the talents of each of its team members, create a distinctive formula that continuously exceeds expectations.


Our Team

Mary Jo Fasan, CEO



Mary Jo Fasan has led Jo Chicago to become one of the most respected communications firms in the design and lifestyle industries. After spending over 15 years in corporate marketing and public relations for major hospitality companies like Marriott International, Mary Jo launched Jo Chicago to pursue her passion of sharing stories that put a focus on living well. As the guiding force behind Jo Chicago, she consistently seeks to bring attention to inspirational ideas, products, projects and experiences that enhance the way we live. Through an appreciation for insight and innovation, she leads the team with a focus on due diligence, discovery and creativity. It is her unique approach and overarching vision that has enabled Jo Chicago to thrive in delivering long-term value for its clients.

Amanda Glandon, Director of Strategic Communications


Amanda Glandon takes communications from a collection of product and service promotions to an essential, functional set of values, messages and differentiators that can be shared effectively with key audiences. With a passion for words and how they connect consumers and companies, Amanda has built and executed high-level marketing and communications programs for organizations in the interior design, architecture, technology, education and lifestyle verticals. Energized by the beautiful, purposeful work found in these industries, she relishes in the stories behind every detail and is enthusiastic about crafting and amplifying messages for the world to appreciate.



Ciara Merouan works with clients to forge meaningful connections between brands and people. She brings a wide range of experience in public relations to Jo Chicago, having previously worked on accounts ranging from Illinois Manufacturers Associates to McCormick Spices. Whether she’s managing an event or sharing the latest client news with an editor, Ciara strikes a balance as a personable and tenacious brand advocate and focused implementer. She wholeheartedly believes that the stories behind each person or company are what makes them interesting, and ultimately, worth celebrating.

Mary Mullen, Account supervisor


Mary Mullen collaborates with brands to get the word out about what they do and why they do it. Her diverse background working with companies and publishers ranging from The Everygirl to Shake Shack to Modern Luxury gives her the unique ability to provide impactful outcomes for organizations across the design and lifestyle spectrum. Leveraging her talent for connecting with people, impeccable eye for aesthetics and of-the-moment industry knowledge, Mary matches expertly crafted messages with the publications best suited to share them, resulting in consistent, valuable press coverage.


Katherine Boncher, account Manager

trend spotter  |  results hustler  |  impact seeker

Katherine Boncher is passionate about building new relationships with the media to secure press coverage that is purposeful, impactful and moves the needle for her clients’ business. Her previous experience working with brands in the restaurant, retail, fitness, healthcare and service industries has allowed her to expertly navigate and optimize various modes of media while honing her skills in developing strategy that is unique to each client’s distinct offerings and clientele. Katherine utilizes her can-do attitude to think outside the box and bring new ideas to the table, stay on top of trends and ensure clients are at the forefront of industry conversation.

Laura Kenat, Junior Content Manager


Laura Kenat works with clients to enhance their online presence by crafting engaging social media content that elevates brand awareness. She has had experience in advertising at Chicago Tribune as well as creating and curating content for lifestyle brands like b. / Salon and Refined Haystack, helping them build connections with fans and followers. A natural connector fueled by curiosity, Laura believes that every client’s voice should be both authentic and attention grabbing, serving to establish them as experts in their respective industries.


Kylie Kreischer, JUNIOR Account MANAGER


Kylie Kreischer works diligently to share information that underscores the singular qualities that make each client unique across a variety of media channels. Her previous experience working with Ulta Beauty as well as a number of other lifestyle brands has helped hone her fresh approach to storytelling and knack for creating connections. With a passion for creativity and an always-hustling attitude, Kylie helps to drive any type of communications project - from event coordination to press pitching - to successful completion.


naomi hoffner, Account coordinator

story pursuer  |  CURIOSITY cultivator  |  pop culture enthusiast

Naomi Hoffner leverages her genuine interest in people and lifestyle brands to craft engaging stories that resonate with target audiences. Her can-do attitude and determination to go above-and-beyond for her clients enable her to bring any project to successful completion. Her educational background in journalism and previous experience in digital marketing helped shape her passion for PR, where she uses her storytelling abilities to advocate for clients and share what makes them unique.